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Scroll through this Cold Storage promotion valid from 23.06.2022 to 29.06.2022 to see the latest sales. On 1 pages of the current weekly offer, you will find the best goods from the Hypermarkets and Supermarkets category. If you want to save on your next shopping trip to Cold Storage, don't forget to look through the entire catalogue from page 1 to page 1. If you want to shop smart and save on your next shopping trip to Cold Storage, don’t miss the latest weekly offer full of amazing prices and wonderful discounts. Come back to Top Catalogues every day to make sure you don’t miss out on great promotions offered by your favourite retailers.

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Face mask

If a woman wants to keep her skin fresh, healthy, and youthful, then face masks is a suitable addition to her cosmetic equipment. You can choose according to skin type.

Undoubtedly, one of the types of face masks belongs to the basic cosmetic equipment of every modern woman. But face masks are not an invention. It can be said that he has accompanied women since time immemorial. But the composition has changed a bit over the centuries.

  • At first, women mainly used the gifts of nature.
  • Face masks were made mainly from herbs, crops, and kitchen ingredients.

            - For example, honey or eggs have proven to be very effective.

Nowadays, you can buy face masks literally tailored to each face at any age. Other face masks will be suitable for mature skin and others for the face of a young girl.

  • But one principle should always apply.
  • The exposure time recommended by the manufacturer must be observed.

According to cosmetics experts, they are the highest quality, and therefore the most effective, masks, for which the recommended duration of action is from ten to twenty minutes. Another tip for a good result is to apply face masks after showering or bathing. Warm water will help open the pores.

  • Applying face masks should also prevent good skin cleansing.
% Starting 20 off* 23 29 June MI M 2 CLAS MAGNUM 2 ALMO 2 WH MAGNUM Mini Ice Cream Assorted 6 x 45ml - 60ml U.P. Any 2 $23.80 M MAGNU 110g U.P. $3.95 SÕNGHÈ New Crop Thai Fragrant Rice 2kg U.P. $8.50 new Farggi IBIZA SEA SALT FARGGI FRASCO Ice Cream Assorted 450g U.P. $9.95 100% AN ALMONDS Bulgaria emoji @ Mild Sweetened SENSITIVITY SENSODYNE & GUM WHITENING SAVE $2.00 $7.95 MEIJI Bulgaria Yoghurt SAVE $1.40 Assorted $255 CINDER RESER GUNN RASPBERRY GUNNA LEMONADE GINGER I I Kuma # mini DOUBLE GOLD CARAMEL BILLIONAIRE SongHè AAA 松鶴贵族香米 NOBLE PINE CRANE Thai Hem Mali Rice Kumaくま asse Don't forget your smile SAVE $6.90 $16.90 Any 2 Dairy & Frozen new SENSODYNE CUM SAVE $2.20 $6.30 SENSITIVITY SENSODYNE & GUM PROVE AND CALY PRO PROVES GUM HEALTH EXTRA FRESH - CP Gyoza Assorted 367g/400g U.P. Any 2 $13.00 Fresh Harves RE- Almond with Honey Assorted 100g U.P. $5.90 SAVE 95€ $4.⁹5 $2.952 Any GUNNA Sparkling Lemonade Assorted 330ml U.P. Any 2 $3.90 SAVE 95€ Fresh KUMA Short Grain Japonica Rice 1kg U.P. Any 2 $6.60 SAVE $1.70 $190 Value Deals SAVE $3.10 $9.9902 Any ROMPINE FRESH HARVEST Juice Assorted 250ml U.P. Any 2 $5.10 SAVE 60* *Any 2 SENSITIVITY SENSODYNE & GUM PROVENAN PROTON PORT SWISS CLASSIC Robert D Timms Cafe Senes 3 C Fudge Brownie Corn Puff Snacks Assorted 212.6g - 255.1g U.P. $5.75 emoj FACEMASKS #keepsmiling 4 FOR $1 Ⓡ CHEESE FLAVOLE SNACKS JINRO Soju Assorted 36cl U.P. Any 2 $31.50 Drinks, Snacks & More LINDT Classic Chocolates Assorted 100g U.P. $4.30 SAVE 60€ $370 ROBERT TIMMS Café Series Instant Coffee Medium/Dark 90g U.P. $11.50 SAVE $1.15 $1035 JINRO GREEN GRAPE 430g U.P. $5.05 SAVE 80€ $425 ㅇ 청포도에 이슬 Edelweiss E WHERTBEER EDELWEISS Canned Wheat Beer 4 x 330ml U.P. $14.90 SAVE $4.50 $1040 Crunchy BETTY CROCKER Fudge Brownie Mix Chocolate/Double Chocolate Kas n 0 JINRO Beers, Wines & Spirits SANTA JULIA Wine Assorted Argentina 75cl U.P. $25.00/ $25.50 SAVE $5.50 $1950 GRAPEFRUIT SAVE $1.15 $460 SENSODYNE Sensitivity & Gum Toothpaste 100g U.P. Any 3 $28.50 0.32 Vitasoy Spy 維他 SHT , 자목에 이슬 SAVE $12.60 $18.⁹⁰ 90 Any 2 SAVE $10.00 $18.5⁰ Any 3 merci Finest Selection Santa JULIA 21ht 50 sifor guardian 3 ply surgical mask McCormick Odes IR Onion Powder LEON LAUNOIS Cuvée Réservée Brut Champagne France 75cl U.P. $48.00 SAVE $7.50 $4050 MERCI Chocolates Assorted 250g U.P. $9.10 SAVE $2.10 $700 • 99% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) • Fluid resistant & breathable VITASOY Soya Bean Milk Original/Chocolate Vitasov 维他奶 2 6 x 250ml U.P. Any 2 $8.40 SAVE $1.25 $715 Layer up for double protection Get better protection while staying stylish at the same time! MCCORMICK Onion Powder 74g U.P. $8.00 SAVE 80€ $720 GUARDIAN 3-Ply Surgical Face Mask 50s $800 4 flavours ASSORTED COLD STORAGE Lindt LINDOR INDT LINDOR Chocolates Assorted 200g U.P. Any 2 $23.70 ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM RAMMOTH CABERNET LES COMTES Fruit Spread Assorted 350g U.P. $9.50 ASSORTED DALFOUR FRAM Kellogg's CRUNCHY KELLOGG'S Crunchy Nut Granola Assorted 380g U.P. $7.40/$7.50 EDALFO CHIM LA FRAN SORG SAVE $1.15 $625 Similac Total Comfort $9.90 FRUIT SPREAD na 340g U.P. Any 2 $17.80 Similac Total Comfort Lysol Lysol SIMILAC Total Comfort Growing Up Milk SAVE $8.80 Stage 3 820g U.P. 2 For $107.80 O A 3 LYSOL Disinfectant Spray SAVE $4.95 Assorted $99002 nutel $9.90 Lindt LINDOR MILK IRRESISTIBLY SMOOTH $12852 MILK Swiss milk choc with a smooth melting filing NUTELLA Hazelnut $710 SAVE $2.40 Spread SAVE $2.70 350g U.P. 2 For $11.90 $92002 SAVE $10.20 $13.5⁰ Any 2 ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM Wine Assorted Australia 75cl U.P. $27.50 ST. DALFOUR Fruit Jam Assorted 284g U.P. Any 2 $11.40 SAVE $1.10 $10.30 Any 2 Alpen SAVE $7.00 $205⁰ The Original POST ALPEN Great Grains Muesli SAVE $3.35 Cereal Original Twin Pack Assorted 764g/906g 550g U.P. $9.30 CON $5.95 Morning Must-Haves nutella Klaas BETADINE BETADINE Gargle & Mouthwash 240ml U.P. Any 2 $21.20 Kler. www $9.90 $7.90 $9.90 KLEENEX 3-Ply Batik Soft Pack 4 x 100 Sheets U.P. 2 For $9.20 Santorum So Good OVOMALTINE SAVE $2.10 Crunchy Cream 680g For U.P. $12.95 $1085 Baby, Personal & Household sg.coldstorage [email protected] Cold Storage Singapore While stocks last. Availability differs from store to store. No traders allowed. Pictures are for illustration purposes only. Trimmings and props are not included. Exclusion list applies. Prices shown are correct at time of printing. We reserve the right to change or modify the products and promotions, at any time, without prior notice. For promotions, product and store information, visit: Other terms and conditions apply. ALMOND ORIGINAL FREE 1L Recyclable Silicon Bag great rair BETADINE ALMONDS! Ovomaltine SAVE $4.30 $16.90902 Any Kleenex SAVE $1.75 $7452 each $6 Giant T2 Tea Bags Assorted 10 x 1.5g/2g U.P. $9.90 V Expertiin FLEX Indoor Drying FO SUPER LOW S TOP $11⁹0 SANITARIUM So Good Almond Milk 1L U.P. $4.50 SAVE 55€ $3.95 Concentrated Liquid Detergent Refill Assorted 1.5kg/1.6kg U.P. Any 3 $13.50 NATIO Rosewater Face Cleanser 100ml U.P. $23.90 T2 Relax DE-STRESS WITH CHAMOMILE & LAVENDER HERBAL TISANE IN A BAG 10 bags | Net Wt. 15g/0.5oz Fig & Almond BREEZE OB FINEST Crackers Assorted 150g U.P. $7.95 NATIO BREEZE Expert in ex Indoor Drying SOP SUPER LOW SUDS Natural Crunchy -PEANUT BUTTER- Springform 18 cm SAVE $6.00 $17.⁹0 C SAVE $2.00 $7⁹0 $16.90 $11.90 A sou CO OR PROTEC MOTHER EARTH Peanut Butter SAVE 65° Assorted 380g U.P. $7.15 $6.50 Essentials TEABAGS te in EX Drying A GP "Valid for the 8 featured items only Petit Coeur $6.95 WERNLI SAVE $1.00 Biscuits Assorted 100g/125g U.P. $5.30 BREEZE 3-in-1 Laundry Capsules BUY 1 GET 1 Assorted 216g/270g FREE U.P. $9.45 Each TASTY SAVE $2.95 $1055 Any 3 MADE FROM MARIGOLD CHOCOLATE FLAVOURED MELK 1L U.P. Any 2 $4.80 SHOKUBUTSU Men 2-in-1 Hair & Body Wash Fresh Blast/ Power Up 850ml U.P. $12.90 LIGN PA S SOUNDTEOH Air Circulator Fan ACF-5 U.P. $44.90 MARIGOLD UHT Milk Assorted SAVE $1.70 SAVE $1.30 $4.00 MARIGOLD FULL CREAM $31002 Any SAVE $2.40 $10.50 SAVE $14.90 $30⁰⁰ Loaf Tin 20 cm $10.90 $7.90 COLD STORAGE guardian CS Fresh ALL YOUR NEEDS Scan to cart download the app

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