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Scroll through this Cold Storage promotion valid from 24.11.2022 to 30.11.2022 to see the latest sales. On 1 pages of the current weekly offer, you will find the best goods from the Hypermarkets and Supermarkets category. If you want to save on your next shopping trip to Cold Storage, don't forget to look through the entire catalogue from page 1 to page 1. If you want to shop smart and save on your next shopping trip to Cold Storage, don’t miss the latest weekly offer full of amazing prices and wonderful discounts. Come back to Top Catalogues every day to make sure you don’t miss out on great promotions offered by your favourite retailers.

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Cooking is fun for some, suffering for others. In any case, you should always enjoy it and try new things. You will gain a new taste and experience.

Most people use one, a maximum of two types of oil in the kitchen. However, there are many species, such as sunflower oil, olive oil, rapeseed oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, hemp oil, corn oil, flaxseed oil, soybean oil and many others. You've probably never tried most of them, and some are very hard to come by. But once you try a little different type while cooking and taste the food with them, you will quickly realize that they are much tastier than the classic variants that you commonly use. Experimentation is very important in the kitchen and your family will surely be thrilled that they can try something new that they have never had before and just won't taste it somewhere. Try something new and you will not regret it.


Gin production can take place in several ways. However, it is always necessary to use the right combination of herbal ingredients. Gin was also originally intended as a medicine.

While many alcoholic beverages can only be produced in one way, gin can be produced in three different ways. The first recalls the production of whiskey with its technological process. The production process takes place in a copper boiler, where the fermented grain is distilled. Then herbs and other ingredients are added. Gin can be distilled several times and new ingredients are added during each process. Gin made in this way usually matures in wooden barrels.

The second way is the distillation of neutral alcohol from grain, which results in pure alcohol.

  • It is distilled again together with herbs.
  • The plant components are in the upper part of the copper boiler and the alcohol fumes that pass through the basket with these herbs draw the taste and their aroma into each other.
  • Sugar can also be added to the gin produced in this way.
Starting 20 Öff* 24 - 30 Nov CP MAGNUM Mini Ice Cream Assorted 6x (45ml 60ml) U.P. Any 2 $23.80 Garlic FRIED RICE CP Fried Rice Assorted 400g M MAGI MI M 2 CLA MAGNUM 2 ALN 2 W Homegrown EXCLUSIVE CAP DUO COOKING DRESSING BORGES 1896 100% PURE EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL Cold Extractio GENERAL MILLS Cheerios Cereal/Honey Nut 12oz/10.8oz U.P. $13.35 MEDITERRANEAN DRESSING Original 0 LARGE SIZE Cheerios C CP 100% OATS 59 Kimchi FRIED RICE HONEY DIJON great taste...naturally LINDOR 3-1 mini DOUBLE GOLD CARAMEL BILLIONAIRE 11 -BRAND POTATO CHIPS Assorted Lipton Classic HOMEGROWN Juice Assorted 1L U.P. $6.95 SAVE $1.45 $5.50 Lipton Earl Grey 31 PREMIUM INSTANT TEA HEC SAVE $3.30 Gluten Free 12 SAVE $3.85 $9.50 50 U.P. Any 2 $13.80 Any 2 U.P. $12.95 Dairy & Frozen KETTLE Potato Chips SAVE $6.90 $16.⁹⁰ 90 Any 2 BORGES Extra Virgin Olive Oil 141g U.P. $5.60/ $5.80 SAVE 65€ $4.95 1L U.P. $18.45 SAVE $5.95 $1250 FERRE CLASSIC FERRERO ROCHER Golden Earn you 2x COLGATE Toothpaste Assorted Points Colgate® 2 x 150g U.P. $10.95/ $11.25 Classic/Dark SAVE $2.00 Chocolate 4 x 50g $10.95 FRENZ Non-GMO Organic Eggs 10 x (53g - 61g) U.P. 2 For $33.80 leovoru Naturals LIPTON Milk Tea Assorted 12 x 21g U.P. Any 2 $13.00 SAVE $2.20 $10.80 LINDT LINDOR Chocolates Assorted 200g U.P. $12.95/$13.30 SAVE $3.05 $9.⁹0 FRENZ FRENZ you Earn 3x Points Value Deals SAVE $3.90 $2990 LORENZ Naturals Potato Chips Assorted 100g U.P. $3.35 SAVE 90€ Naturel $245 GEROISTEM Naturel BLUE BIRD/DELISIO Potato Crisps Assorted Bluebird Delisio -Inspired by the storld's Finest Flas Bluebird Caramelised Onion & Balcanic Vinegar Originals cooked with 60000 140g - 255.1g U.P. Any 2 $3.95 Total WHOLE MOUTH HEALD you CHUGA Soju Assorted 360ml U.P. Any 2 $29.00 SAVE $3.00 $7.95 00 GEROLSTEINE * 4 x 330ml U.P. $16.00 Any 2 Cookie Time TRIPLE CHOCOLATE CHUNK E COOKIES SEA CHANGE Provence Rose France 75cl U.P. $36.00 SAVE $7.00 $27⁰0 Drinks, Snacks & More NATUREL Organic Pasta Assorted 500g U.P. Any 2 $7.80 SAVE $2.60 VALUE 2 PACK ADVANCED FRESH JxEg Sunflower Oil 추가 MINT PERONI AZZURRO PERONI Nastro Azzurro SAVE $6.10 Bottled Beer $9.⁹0 снида зоди weil TOP SAY bcLEX Andoor PER GEROLSTEINER Sparkling Mineral Water 6 x 1.5L U.P. $13.50 SAVE 55€ $12.95 SOUR CREAM & CHIVES COOKIETIME Chocolate Assorted 140g U.P. $6.50 SAVE 65€ $585 Concentrated Liquid Detergent Refill Assorted 1.5kg/1.6kg U.P. Any 3 $13.50 ALCUNE Ett testave Beers, Wines & Spirits LEE KUM KEE Premium Light Soy Sauce 500ml U.P. $5.10 SAVE $1.15 $3.95 SAVE $1.00 $2⁹5 Each SEY Expert in ex Indoor Drying 보해x SAVE $11.10 190 $17.⁹⁰ Any 2 2 COP OP 289 ER LOW SUDS # pe inng id ITH NZ GROWN SAVE $2.55 $10.95 Any 3 Kickat CHINE ΚΙΤ ΚΑΤ Celebreak Pack 232g U.P. $8.95 43 WENN Del Monte Prune Juice Singlong Cele- break Pack Kickar 140 VILLA MARIA Wine Assorted New Zealand 75cl U.P. $49.00 SAVE $10.00 $390⁰ SIPSMITH Dry Gin London 70cl U.P. $95.00 SAVE $33.25 $6175 NASI LEMAK SAMBAL CHILLI SAVE $1.00 $795 DEL MONTE Prune Juice Assorted 946ml U.P. $8.00 SAVE $1.00 $700 SING LONG Sambal Chilli Assorted 230ml U.P. $3.55 SAVE 55€ $300 FERRERO ROCHER T16 Chocolates 200g U.P. $11.25 COLD STORAGE VIÑA POMAL *** フルーツ グラノーラ Szin'graze TRANGLA VINA POMAL 宇治抹茶 THERAENSE RIOTA VOOST O **amazın'graze graze i'graze SANITARIUM Weet-Bix Cereal 750g U.P. $8.15 gift of health GRANOLA COLLECTION AMAZIN'GRAZE Festive Granola Collection 320g U.P. $17.90 FERRERO ROCHER the golden aperienc REAL REESE'S WHOLE GRAINTE ȘI AUDIE V SWEET & CRUNCHY CORK PURS Reese's Puffs Sanitar Weet-Bix NIS NOJ BREAKFAST CEREAL Banded with Travel Pack 1s (worth $0.50) MANA bly PURSOFT 4-Ply Bathroom Tissue Assorted FERRERO ROCHER the golden experiance VOOST Vitamins & Supplements Assorted 20 Tabs U.P. $18.90- $22.90 SAVE $3.00 $15.⁹⁰ PurSoft 10 Rolls x 180/200 Sheets U.P. $7.60 Best Rewards Club Ever! Earn 3x Points on 1st & 2nd transactions SAVE $2.00 $15.⁹⁰ NISSIN Granola Assorted 400g/500g U.P. $9.80 SAVE $1.85 $795 SAVE $1.05 $710 SSA W VIÑA POMAL Reserva Spain 75cl U.P. $43.50 SAVE $4.30 $6.⁹5 95 SAVE $9.50 $34.⁰⁰ 00 Shte SAVE $1.10 $650 Nestie. NEW sg.coldstorage [email protected] ► Cold Storage Singapore While stocks last. Availability differs from store to store. No traders allowed. Pictures are for illustration purposes only. Trimmings and props are not included. Exclusion list applies. Prices shown are correct at time of printing. We reserve the right to change or modify the products and promotions, at any time, without prior notice. For promotions, product and store information, visit: Other terms and conditions apply. NATURE VALLEY CRUI EUROP Fitnesse HONEY GRANOLA OATS BROWN LUGAR NATURE VALLEY Granola Bars Assorted 210g - 253g U.P. Any 2 $12.30 Power Up Your Mornings Whole Grain GEOG D Lotus Biscoff SPREAD Jan CARR'S Table Water Crackers Assorted 125g U.P. Any 2 $7.60 Carrs Carr's ORIGI RIGINAL LE WATER TABLE WATER Carr's TABLE WATER SESAME SEEDS Holle Organi Growing Organic Holle 3 you! NATURE VALLEY glade AROMATHERAPY COOL HIST Growing-up Milk Download now MOMENT OF EN 60 Giant CRUNCHY GRANOLA BARS farm Granola 4g of fiber O SWEET HOME FARM Granola Assorted 454g U.P. Any 2 $26.60 e Pr French Vanilla with Tide PODS GREAT AS A SNACK NESTLÉ Fitnesse Granola Assorted 300g U.P. $7.15 SAVE $1.40 $575 1.68 LB) 27 02 TIDE Liquid Pods Assorted 26/35 Pods U.P. $29.90 Each 聰聰明 SAVE $3.35 $8.952 Any Nest Higher In Wh SAVE 75* 85 Any 2 NET WT 464 SABING ALFRE NESTUM 3-In-1 Cereal Assorted 15/12 x (27g - 30g) U.P. Any 2 $12.50 - $12.60 GLADE Aromatherapy Electric Diffuser & Refill U.P. $33.90 SAVE $2.00 $31⁹⁰ NECEDE HOLLE Organic Growing Up Milk Stage 3 500g U.P. 2 For $65.80 SAVE $9.90 $55902 free & Nestum Higher In Wholegrains CHILD-GUARD BAREBELLS Protein Bar Assorted BROWN in H www GENERAL MILLS Reese's Puffs Peanut SAVE $1.65 Butter Corn Puffs 11.5oz U.P. $12.60 LOTUS Biscoff Spread Crunchy/Biscuit SAVE $1.50 380g/400g U.P. $7.45/ $7.65 137 DEGREES Milk Assorted 1L U.P. Any 2 $16.50 $10.95 $5.95 Baby, Personal & Household Essentials CS Fresh ALL YOUR NEEDS ONLINE IN ONE cart of fiber SAVE $1.65 $10852 Granola Kellogg's GRANOLA DARK CHOCOLATE Honey Nut 55g U.P. $5.00 - $5.65 *Valid for the 8 featured items only WHOLE WHEAT Biscuits Cereal 430g U.P. $8.45 ®® (1.75 LB) 28 02 TARRA CHROD % GREAT AS A SNACK Tide PODS 3 10 1.0.2 SAVE $8.65 $17.⁹5 Any 2 NET WT PROTEIN BAR SALTY PEANUT Barebells gumPROTEIN ROADDER AR ULTRA whisper farm BUY 1 GET 1 FREE CORNINGWARE Covered Casserole Snoopy 5L U.P. $129.00 MINE SAMALFATA Hmond n whisper COLD STORAGE Whole Wheat Biscuits with al 137 eres NOMINA T High Fidan CHILD-GUARD ZIPPER KELLOGG'S Granola Assorted 350g U.P. $8.90 - $9.15 SAVE $1.40 $750 SAVE $1.00 $400 ✔SUGAR ✔FIBRE SAVE $1.25 $720 137 degrees Bal i almond milk SAVE $2.10 $1442 40 WHISPER Pure Cotton Pad Assorted 8/10 x (24cm/28cm) U.P. $4.90 Each BUY 1 GET 1 FREE SAVE $90.00 $39⁰⁰ guardian Scan to download the app

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