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Scroll through this FairPrice promotion valid from 12.03.2020 to 18.03.2020 to see the latest sales. On 5 pages of the current weekly offer, you will find the best goods from the Hypermarkets and Supermarkets category. If you want to save on your next shopping trip to FairPrice, don't forget to look through the entire catalogue from page 1 to page 5. If you want to shop smart and save on your next shopping trip to FairPrice, don’t miss the latest weekly offer full of amazing prices and wonderful discounts. Come back to Top Catalogues every day to make sure you don’t miss out on great promotions offered by your favourite retailers.

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Eau de parfum

Enjoy flowers, wood, or exotic spices at every step. Thanks to the right choice of perfume, you can please yourself and your surroundings. What can you choose from and how?

We all want to feel good in public. Smell is an important part of it because it can affect not only you but also the opinions of others. Perfume is usually not difficult to choose, but you may not even know what you can find on the market. Most people find one favourite product and stick to it for many more years. However, something different is suitable for each situation. You can buy women's, men’s, and unisex perfumes. Women can be divided into fresh, romantic, exotic, and sweet. Men for citrus, floral, sports or elegant. A unisex for fresh or exotic (oriental). The choice depends on your taste, but also on the purpose and occasion when you want to use it. Therefore, you should have at least two or three types in stock that you can rotate according to what you plan.

SAVE UP TO 80% OFF* bugatti recommended retail price LUXURY THAT GOES FURTHER AT SPECIAL PRICES FOR ONLY 4 POINTS! SPEND $30 AND GET 1 POINT.* UNTIL 20 MAY 2020 *While stocks last! All redemptions are final. No refunds/exchanges once the redemptions are completed. Please check redeemed items before leaving the store. Once broken, considered sold. Frozen & Chilled Fresle EN 2 for 2 for HC Magnolia EN Magnolia 24625 MARIGOLD $5 $595 MARIGOLD 90 HLHL $6 25 Fresh per bot Fresh meifi Milk LOWER BLOOD CHOLESTEROL Milk Pmeiji MEIJI Fresh Milk/ Low Fat Milk/ Cocoa/ Skimmed Milk 2L U.P. $6.35 MARIGOLD HL Milk Plant Sterols Plus 1L U.P. 2 for $7 MAGNOLIA Fresh Milk Assorted 1L U.P. 2 for $7 (Excludes MAGNOLIA Kurma Milk 1L) LOWER BLOOD CHOLESTEROL No 1 LOW FAT & LOW LACTOSE LOW FAT LOW LACTOSE CONTAINS V ČALCIUM HIGH PROTEIN & CALCIUM PROTEIN CONTAINS V CALCIUM HIGH PROTEIN & CALCIUM SOURCE V OF PROTEIN パスチャライズ牛乳 O Flesh Milk Ilusecesd CHOICE HEALTHIER Pasteurised Pasteurised ILNUL 2E Hoalth tn Board 2 for $095 2 for 2 for $080 CREMERIA meiji $95 ミル CREMERIA meiji CooklEs ミルククッキー Milk Conkie LA COOK (REA CREMERIA WALL'S Selection Ice Cream Pints Assorted 750ml U.P. 2 for $15.80 NESTLÉ La-cremeria Mini Multipack Almond Vanilla/ Chocolate/Mint 6's x 45ml U.P. 2 for $12 MEIJI Ice Bar WALL'S ABSOLUTELY ALMOND MINI Multipack Assorted 4's 100ml U.P. 2 for $15 EM MLE OOKIES CREAM 6STICKS LURPAK YSUTTE, V farmarmland 125 g e Perfect Italiano (Emi+ CHICKE UNSALTED SWISS PREMTUM くト NUGGET CHICKEN NUGGETS PARMESAN PERFECT FOR PASTA B SALADS D IRESERVATIV Emmi LURPAK MEDIUM FLAVOUR AO PRESTRVATI VES SWISS PREMIUM UNSALCER GREEK STYLE by LURPAK 200g YOGURT Net Wt 410g Strawberry 2 8 Net Wt 400g LINSALTED 2 for 2 for 2 for EMMI Greek 95 Fruit Yogurt Assorted 150g U.P. 2 for $5.30 LURPAK Butter 95 Salted/ Unsalted %26 PERFECT ITALIANO Cheese Parmesan Grated 125g U.P. $7.25 45 FARMLAND $3 $10 Tempura $Z 95 Chicken Nuggets Original/Hot & Spicy 400g U.P. 2 for $8.60 per pack 200g U.P. 2 for $12 Tear & Reseal Leeryt rurd Royal Sča 1 by1 Cooked Shrimp Crevettes cuité FRANGOSUL Salmon Portion 福记 Halt Breast PorKee Belly Sukiy Taku freger Det ref tbe a od whrImaom iha 鸡胸肉 PEELED TAIL.OF CORTIQUEES90-130 SANS QUE Nat Weight: aross Walo Net Wiright / : 1000 g/a. FROZEN PORK Kesp Irozen at -18°C. 速冻猪肉 $7? 90 ROYAL SEA Cooked $145 $5 80 PORKEE 90 FRANGOSUL IQF Boneless per Skinless Chicken pack 20 OCEAN FRESH DELITE Frozen Salmon Portion per Original pack 500g U.P. $18.95 (4 x Individual Portions) Frozen Belly per Sukiyaki/ pack per Shrimp pack Tail-Off Collar Shabu Shabu Half Breast 400g U.P. $7.70 400g U.P. $8.95 1kg U.P. $6.95 Household &Personal Care ンシニン 5 Shnuldrrs, Maslar Anhes Aan スンケアデク/ロジ スンケアテ ジー t7-K1.4A AMMELTZ. LORÉAL 2 for Stift Shouldere, Muscular Aches 根元からすっきり。 すがすがしい髪へ。 タメまでらポる。つく。 根元からすっきり。 すがすがしい笑へ。 YOKO YOKO AMMELTZ. 2 for iesiap aetdan $1050 $2495 $1345 YOKO YOKO ***NA4.ic. mstrrid per pack L'ORÉAL PARIS Excellence Hair Color Assorted U.P. $18.85/$19.90 PANTENE PANTENE PANTENE Micellar AMMELTZ Yoko Yoko 82ml MAHS: 1800103 U.P. 2 for $18 NEW/InJ micellar EXCELLENCE AMMELTZ YOKOYOKO Shampoo/ Conditioner Assorted 500ml U.P. 2 for $33.80 micellar Creme TRIPLE CARE COLOR / nšuItla uAŠ AŠU Ralaes 100% GREY COVERAGE/trunDIANnisttu 100K Protecthve Coloring Crtme AMMELTZ YOKO YOKO SHAMPOO SHAMPOO NEW Scalp Comfort Shampoo ng endacpseinen inu Inil 82ml Banded with wipes Cloversoft 3X 2 for 新感党! SEBLIEA BAMBOO $2995 AIL 体感 Drypers Drypantz はだおもい UIC UIC natural atural $2 80 plus $46 『ドライバーズ。 DRYPERS plus per pack unicharm NO L WE ULTRA DISHWASHING LIQUID DISHWASHING LIQUID Drypantz Mega M-60's + 8's/ L-48's + 8's/ XL-42's + 4's/ XXL-36's + 4's U.P. 2 for $43 99.9% Antibacterial 9% Antibacterial FR. FREE 8 UIC Ultra 100% 100% PLANT BAS $5 GINGER YUZU SOFY Hadaomoi Pad/ Pantyliner Assorted U.P. $6.45 95 PLANT-BASED NO LEAK b WHEN IT FITS EASY 10 RINGE Dishwashing Liquid Twin Pack Fresh/Anti-Bacterial 500ml 6X per pack 6X FASTER DEOREASING POWER FASTER DECREASNG SCOML 9-14kgn. SOOML 48-8 NEA recommended disinfectant for COVID-19 Extra 500g BIG VALUE ain FREE UIC extra 500g9 Pock-in) BIG VALUE 经济特效 Kitchen Kitchen vinieng Ant Swoat odour provontion Bacteria al day long Magiclean Magiclean Walch DETERGENT Altack BIO-3 ACTION +++ th Powerfal raunoval o ernney staing in tnine Purerlat ramoval of ranGy staias la lipe 2X FOA FOAM DISINFECTANT UltraPower Afrei lin 4.0 ks Betill Refreshing Lima Kao, uliles Hel 5Ky+500g FREE extra 500g FREE extra 500g $7 95 ATTACK Concentrated $1950 95 UIC 2 for MAGICLEAN Cleaner Refill Big Value per Laundry * pack Detergent Powder *O bot Ultra Power/ $35 Lime/ Green Apple/ Bathroom 500ml U.P. 2 for $6.80 per Laundry Liquid Detergent per bot WALCH Multi-Purpose Disinfectant Original 3L U.P. $23.90 Regular/Anti-Bacterial 5kg U.P. $9.20 Detergent + Softener/ Perfume Floral/Colour 3.6kg/4kg U.P. $12.80 acdv.ce 2 for Beautex 2 for AAA8 $895 KCA 60 $745 $1220 Multi Energizer K(A More Purpose Towels per pack PURE HCA MAX PLUS. KCA Facial Tissue 5's x 200 sheets U.P. 2 for $9.40 BEAUTEX 100% Pure Pulp Kitchen Towel 6's x 60 sheets Extra 10 sheets (Inclusive) U.P. 2 for $10.50 ENERGIZER Max Plus AA/AAA 8 pcs U.P. $13.50 Beautex 60 Multi Purpose Towels 12 More Sheels LONGEST LASTING ALKA INE NO. HCA YEAR SHELF LIFE perpach 6 Rolls PURE PULP. CLEANS HYGIENIC - 2 Gulung STRONG • CLEANS BETTER - MORE ABSORBENT URPAK URPAK %24 %24 Energizer zıbjauz Cliergizer Energizer.

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