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Scroll through this IKEA promotion valid from - to - to see the latest sales. On 44 pages of the current weekly offer, you will find the best goods from the Furniture category. This IKEA catalogue offers discounts on more than 149 products, making sure you get the best deal on the things you buy! If you want to save on your next shopping trip to IKEA, don't forget to look through the entire catalogue from page 1 to page 44. On the current page you will find promotions on cup; however, this promotion from IKEA offers many other discounts on goods like cup, washing machine, lighting. If you want to shop smart and save on your next shopping trip to IKEA, don’t miss the latest weekly offer full of amazing prices and wonderful discounts. Come back to Top Catalogues every day to make sure you don’t miss out on great promotions offered by your favourite retailers.

* Valid at all IKEA stores

Products in this catalogue

Knobs and handles Knobs and handles BILLSBRO handle, stainless steel colour. BILLSBRO handle, white. L40 mm 303.236.16 $4.90/2-pack L40 mm 403.343.13 $4.90/2-pack HACKÅS handle, anthracite. L100 mm 903.424.81 $8.90/2-pack L120 mm 903.236.18 $8.90/2-pack L120 mm 703.343.02 $8.90/2-pack L300 mm 703.424.82 $13.90/2-pack L320 mm 703.236.19 $10.90/2-pack L320 mm 803.343.11 $10.90/2-pack HACKÅS knob, anthracite. L520 mm 503.23.20 $13.90/2-pack L520 mm 703.343.16 $13.90/2-pack L720 mm 303.236.21 $16.90/2-pack L720 mm 303.343.18 $16.90/2-pack NYDALA handle, bronze-colour. ÖSTERNÄS handle, tanned leather. L154 mm 904.057.89 $10.90/2-pack L153 mm 303.489.28 $20.90/2-pack L346 mm 704.057.90 $15.90/2-pack L65 mm 303.489.33 $16.90/2-pack NYDALA knob, bronze-colour. VINNÄSET knob. Ø16 mm 504.057.91 $8.90/2-pack Ø37 mm 004.372.28 $8.90/2-pack SKRUVSHULT handle. Anthracite. SKRUVSHULT knob. Anthracite. 152 mm 405.074.79 $7.90/2-pack 18 mm 105.074.85 $4.90/2-pack 26 mm 305.074.94 $7.90/2-pack Ø15 mm 503.424.83 $4.90/2-pack BAGGANÄS handle, black. BAGGANÄS handle, brass-colour. BAGGANÄS handle, stainless steel. L143 mm 703.384.23 $7.90/2-pack L143 mm 803.384.27 $7.90/2-pack L143 mm 203.384.25 $7.90/2-pack L335 mm 503.384.24 $13.90/2-pack L335 mm 603.384.28 $13.90/2-pack L335 mm 003.384.26 $13.90/2-pack BAGGANÄS knob, black. BAGGANÄS knob, brass-colour. BAGGANÄS knob, stainless steel. Ø13 mm 403.384.29 $5.90/2-pack Ø13 mm 103.384.35 $5.90/2-pack Ø13 mm 803.384.32 $5.90/2-pack Ø20 mm 203.384.30 $5.90/2-pack Ø20 mm 903.384.36 $5.90/2-pack Ø20 mm 603.384.33 $5.90/2-pack Ø21 mm 003.384.31 $5.90/2-pack Ø21 mm 703.384.37 $5.90/2-pack Ø21 mm 403.384.34 $5.90/2-pack SKÄRHAMN handle, black/chromeplated. SKÄRHAMN knob, black/chromeplated. SKÄRHAMN drop handle, black/ chrome-plated. L148 mm 903.487.89 $20.90/2-pack Ø22 mm 503.487.91 $10.90/2-pack L65 mm 903.694.37 $20.90/2-pack Ø30 mm 103.710.57 $13.90/2-pack KALLRÖR handle, stainless steel. L213 mm 003.570.28 $8.90/2-pack L405 mm 603.570.30 $12.90/2-pack L597 mm 803.570.29 $16.90/2-pack ORRNÄS handle, stainless steel colour. L170 mm 205.344.74 $13.902-pack GUBBARP handle, white. L116 mm 603.364.34 $2.00/2-pack L234 mm 305.344.78 $16.90/2-pack GUBBARP knob, white. L300 mm 505.344.82 $18.90/2-pack Ø21 mm 303.364.35 $1.50/2-pack ENERYDA knob, black. ENERYDA knob, brass-colour. ENERYDA knob, chrome-plated. Ø20 mm 003.475.29 $5.90/2-pack Ø20 mm 403.475.32 $5.90/2-pack Ø20 mm 503.475.03 $5.90/2-pack Ø27 mm 803.475.30 $6.90/2-pack Ø27 mm 203.475.33 $6.90/2-pack Ø27 mm 003.475.10 $6.90/2-pack Ø35 mm 603.475.31 $7.90/2-pack Ø35 mm 003.475.34 $7.90/2-pack Ø35 mm 803.475.11 $7.90/2-pack ENERYDA cup handle, black. ENERYDA cup handle, brass-colour. ENERYDA cup handle, chrome-plated. L89 mm 103.475.24 $9.90/2-pack L89 mm 603.475.26 $9.90/2-pack L89 mm 203.475.28 $9.90/2-pack ENERYDA handle, black. ENERYDA handle, brass-colour. ENERYDA handle, chrome-plated. L112 mm 303.475.23 $10.90/2-pack L112 mm 803.475.25 $10.90/2-pack L112 mm 403.475.27 $10.90/2-pack ORRNÄS knob, stainless steel colour. Ø17 mm 102.361.54 $5.90/2-pack BORGHAMN handle, steel. HISHULT handle, porcelain white. SÖRBYN handle, stainless steel. L40 mm L140 mm 105.345.87 $10.90/2-pack 96 mm HISHULT knob, porcelain white. SÖRBYN knob, stainless steel. Ø23 mm 505.345.90 $4.90/2-pack Ø25 mm 404.503.45 $5.90/2-pack 403.160.50 $9.90/2-pack L170 mm 603.160.49 $16.90/2-pack L426 mm 203.189.79 $22.90/2-pack 704.503.44 $10.90/2-pack Ø30 mm 905.345.93 $6.90/2-pack 26 27

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