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ELIXIR STAR PRODUCT TOTAL V FIRMING CREAM ELIXIR KIR TOTAL V FIRMING CREAM Formulated with Total V Firming Technology top awards at IFSCC for 4 consecutive years, and V Firming CP, this cream replenishes 5 major types of collagen into your skin and achieve visibly lifted skin in just 2 weeks and improved smile lines in 4 weeks*. *Clinically tested on 31 women aged 35-55. ELIXIR ELIXIR design time serum DESIGN TIME SERUM Empowered with a breakthrough, age- defying technology that strengthens the internal network of the skin to help prevent sagging skin, izt boosts and protects skin elasticity for firmer, more youthful skin. BRIGHTENING MOISTURE LOTION 11 ELIXIR BRIGHTENING MOISTURE EMULSION II ELIXIR ENRICHED WHITE WRINKLE CREAM Formulated with Pure Retinol* and boost Hyaluronic Acid production in epidermis to soften skin and increase moisture content of the stratum corneum to reduce wrinkles and fine lines effectively. METRO EXCLUSIVE ELIXIR ELIXIR daily brightening UV protector daly brightening UV protector ELIX ELIXIR dly bright dy brightening UV protec UV protector COMPLIMENTARY SKIN CONSULTATION Enjoy a personalized skin beauty consultation with elixir's skin sensor analyzer with no min. spend. SIMPLY HEAD OVER TO OUR COUNTER FOR MORE DETAILS! *AVAILABLE AT METRO PARAGON SPESO PA 45% SAVINGS SPESD ELIXI ELIXIR SPF 50- S50. PA ADAR ADAR ANTI-UV-AGING DUO SET NOW $56 (WORTH $103) RECEIVE 11PC GIFT (WORTH $22) WITH MINIMUM SPEND OF $60 ELIXIR SKIN CARE BY AGE ELIXIR SKIN CARE BY AGE ELIXIR ON CARE BY AGE ELIXIR TAP CARE BY AD Upton desiga time sera design time ser エイジングケア SALKING FOR デザインタイム美 ELIX SUN CAR design m ELIXI SAN CARE B Dewan Emes エイジングケア ALE デザインタイム Y ELIXIR SKIN CARE BY AGE desigs he ser エイジン ゆみのし く デザインタイ エイジングケ ORLKNY デザインタイム エイジングケア ゆるみの消しにく デザインタイム 美容 ELIXI ELIXI ELIXIR SUN CARE BY AGE LV エイジングケ エイジングケ エイジングケア 50-PA SPF 50+ PA+ 波 SP 50-PAere ELIXIR

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