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수입 FORSA KIMCHI JUNG ANN Kimchi 400g $5.90/bot NOGADOE Mr Jay's 酿大黑 Cauire READ Mea 18 FOGHLAND HAS CJ - Prawn Wonton Mix With Sze Chuan Sauce (230g) Prawn Wonton Noodles Mix With Sze Chuan Sauce (235g) $4.05/box 酿大黑: 4009 NO ADDED 235 ·潮州肉丸 Cauire READY Meal P Fly Sp (18 떡볶이 RICE CAKE for Topekk PRAWN WONTON NOODLE MIX WITH SZECHUAN SAUCE 5000 SING LONG Rice Cake 500g $3.10/pack bibigo 비비고 STEAMED DUMPLINGS KIMCHI FLAVOURED TEAMED JUMPLINGS JAPCHAE LOND ME - Japchae - Kimchi 168g $6.90 for 2 bibigo CJ Steamed Dumplings Green Chilli MR JOY'S Premium Fish Taopok 270g $11.50 for MR JOY'S Teochew Pork Ball 240g $11.50 for 2 GYOZA DUMPLINGS PORK & VEGETABLE 교자만두 CJ BIBIGO Pork Gyoza 500g $6.95/pac NO. Mr Jay's 鱼肉虾 MR JOY'S Ngoh Hiang (Big) 300g $10.90 for 2 다담 매콤떡 bibigo KIMCHI 비비고 맛김치 once AUTHENTIC MART Made in KOREA PREMIUM PRAWN PASTE CJ BIBIGO Kimchi 500g $6.50/pack * 학과소한 500 ge 다담 매콤떡볶이 2-3-2-3- CJ Tteokbokki Sauce 140g $3.90 for 2 SPICE UP YOUR NEW YEAR'S FEAST WITH GLOBAL FLAVORS! 美食不分国度,让你的新年吃的更多元化。 www bibigo MANDU PORK & VEGETABLE 왕교자 DUMPLING SHAK CJ BIBIGO Mandu 907g MR JOY'S Beauty Collagen Soup 500g $11.80/pack $13.00/pack 다담 받지 못 냉이된장품 IMD SKYBEAN PASTE SEASONING NET WT 493 oz(140) No1 NO.1 다담 SOUP SPICY OFT TOFU STEW WT 4.93 oz (140 g) $3.90 for for 2 CJ Soybean Paste Stew Mix -Soft Beancurd Stew Mix 140g Mr Joy's Mr Joy's 美 BEAUTY TAL COLLAGEN SOUP Chicken Collagen Soup No1 MR JOY'S Premium Prawn Paste 250g $6.90/pac 虾枣王 PRAWN ROLL KING MR JOY'S Prawn Roll King 400g $8.00/pack 10

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