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3 SING LONG Yee Sang With Apricot Sauce 600g $12.42/pack FC Her G GIFT PACKED YEE SING LONG Yee Sang 600g $25.05/pack Old Chinese 40 DI OLD CHINESE Yee Sang 600g $15.96/pack King Dragon 龍王 鲍 King Dragon 龍王 鮑 魚 YOSHIHAMA C KPING AGRECENTS Braised Abalone LO 鲍 吉品 鲍 魚 CHAPEA YOSHIHAMA ww Braised Abalo 4 ******** ****** ******** eave Sungbes Auspicious 魚生 **** YEE SANGE SING LONG Yee Sang With Citron Sauce 600g $17.47/pack www Stephen 03 SING LONG Auspicious Yee Sang 600g $15.96/pack Little Grass 鱼生 E SUFF PACKED Yee Sang LITTLE GRASS Yu Sheng 600g $16.06/pa De KING DRAGON Yoshihama Abalone In Brine/ Braised A10-180G 425g $19.80/can 3 KING DRAGON Yoshihama Braised 龙王100%活鲍加工,口感更好! 100% PROCESSED FROM LIVE ABALONE! READY TO EAT! TO 14 Abalone With Scallop & Mushroom A6-60G 425g $11.80/can Singbog SING LONG Poh Chui 50g $1.21/pack Phu Cracker 发财目 SING LONG Loh Hey Yee Sang 350g $11.92/pack Earthen fot 2 KING DRAGON Yoshihama Abalone In Brine/ Braised A5-60G 425g $8.80/can 风生水起 4 KING DRAGON Yoshihama Abalone In Brine/ Braised A10-120G 425g $14.80/can 越捞越旺 鱼生配料 STEP 1: GATHER EVERYONE GATHER AROUND & OFFER NEW YEAR GREETINGS 招财进宝 财源广进 鸿运当头 青春永驻 步步高升 金银满屋 生意兴隆 《遍地黄金 STEP 2: ADD FISH ABUNDANCE THROUGHOUT THE YEAR STEP 3: ADD POMELO GOOD LUCK AND GREAT PROSPERITY STEP 4: ADD SPICES USHER IN WEALTH AND PROSPERITY STEP 5: DRIZZLE OIL CIRCLING AROUND MAY YOUR MONEY FLOW IN FROM ALL DIRECTION STEP 6: ADD CARROTS BLESSINGS OF GOOD LUCK STEP 7: ADD GREEN RADISH WISHING YOU ETERNAL YOUTH STEP 8: ADD WHITE RADISH RISE STEADILY AND PROMOTIONS AT WORK STEP 9: POUR IN CRUSHED PEANUTS MAY YOUR HOUSEHOLD FILLED WITH WEALTH STEP 10: SPRINKLE SESAME SEEDS MAY YOUR BUSINESS FLOURISH STEP 11: ADD FRIED GOLDEN PILLOW WHOLE FLOOR FULL OF GOLD EARTHEN POT HAI'S Vegetable Facai Yee Sang Prosperity Yu Sheng 600g 280g $16.80/pack $12.80/pack STEP 12: TOSS EVERYONE TOSS THE INGREDIENTS AS HIGH AS YOU CAN! IT IS BELIEVED THE HIGHER THE TOSS OF YU SHENG, THE GREATER THE PROSPERITY FOR THE NEW YEAR. J 1 八宝贵财 年年有馀 6-8 PAX New Moon ABALONE PRODUCT OF AUSTRALIA muelldat NEW MOON Australia Abalone 425g $44.80/can 630 MAN TANG HONG Yu Sheng 700g $19.80/pack HECHE New Moon 2350 GESELLES ABALONE PREMIUM GRADE NEW MOON New Zealand Abalone 425g $39.80/can 16

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