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Do you want quality running or football shoes? Or do you want to start yoga? Nike is a place where you can get everything you need for movement of every kind and difficulty.

As soon as you say Nike, everyone imagines high-quality, sports shoes. This is true, of course, but this brand offers its customers much more. In addition to men's and women's shoes, you will also find quality children's shoes, from birth to puberty. In addition, they also sell clothing, such as T-shirts, tops, pants, leggings, tracksuits, jerseys, jackets, or yoga pants. And with this legendary brand you can also buy backpacks, bags, soccer balls or goalkeeper gloves. Simply the foundation you need for sports no matter which one you enjoy the most.

Nike was founded in January 1964 by athletes Phillip Knight and Bill Bowerman, who coached him. At that time, however, the company was called Blue Ribbon Sports. They started doing business with the current name in 1971. The logo was created in the same year, and a graphics student named Carolyn Davidson was paid $ 35 for it. Today, it is a logo that every little child around the world knows, and everyone knows who they belong to. You may not even know that the company has other subsidiaries under its wings, including Converse, Umbro, Air Jordan, Cole Haan and Hurley International.

The noble goal of the company is to motivate and innovate for every athlete in the world. According to Nike, an athlete is anyone who has a body, because everyone can move it and become what they want. In addition, it seeks to create an international community of people who love exercise and sports, while inspiring other individuals to start moving and do something great with their lives. By moving we get to health and strengthen our self-confidence. Nike builds on this philosophy and is constantly coming up with innovations to bring even more comfortable, practical, and stylish sportswear, shoes, and equipment. Decades of experience tell us that they are doing very well because they are very popular products.


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