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Sea salt

Salt is clearly an integral part of every kitchen, both at home and in the restaurant. No food or chef can do without it and gives everything a pleasant taste.

Each of us uses it in the kitchen practically every day. Seasalt is often considered a healthier variant of table salt, which is used by many of us. Production is relatively easy, by evaporating seawater. First, the tanks are filled with water and then allowed to evaporate naturally by the sun and the flow of air. Subsequently, larger impurities are removed and settle to the bottom. They are then transferred to shallow tanks where the crystallization process begins. This results in a crude product that can then be finely ground. Thanks to this natural process, you will not lose any important substances that are found in it. And that is why it is considered a healthier option when cooking.

This product has a special place in human history. The first surviving mentions of its production and use come from the period of 6,000 BC from the epic Iliad and the Odyssey by Homer. It was used not only in the kitchen, but it was also paid for because it was worth its weight in gold. Maybe that's why they say, "Salt over gold." But it was also widely used in religious rituals. The first historical mining took place in China in the third millennium BC.

What is the difference between sea and Himalayan salt? The differences relate mainly to legislation, the amount of iodine and potassium. The marine product contains at least 97% sodium chloride, 160 mg / kg potassium, 364 mg / kg calcium and 3 mg / kg iron. In addition, it is sold without added iodine and contains about 0.24 mg / kg of this element. In addition, it boasts completely natural production, which attracts many people. The Himalayan variant contains 4 times more potassium than rock, 3 times more calcium and 15 times more iron than sea. Thanks to the high values ​​of iron, it has its characteristic, pink colour. Many people claim that it also tastes better, but that is purely a matter of personal taste. What is certain is that these products are healthier than the table salt you are probably using right now.


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