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Scroll through this Sheng Siong promotion valid from 29.04.2021 to 03.05.2021 to see the latest sales. On 4 pages of the current weekly offer, you will find the best goods from the Hypermarkets and Supermarkets category. If you want to save on your next shopping trip to Sheng Siong, don't forget to look through the entire catalogue from page 1 to page 4. If you want to shop smart and save on your next shopping trip to Sheng Siong, don’t miss the latest weekly offer full of amazing prices and wonderful discounts. Come back to Top Catalogues every day to make sure you don’t miss out on great promotions offered by your favourite retailers.

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Face mask

If a woman wants to keep her skin fresh, healthy, and youthful, then face masks is a suitable addition to her cosmetic equipment. You can choose according to skin type.

Undoubtedly, one of the types of face masks belongs to the basic cosmetic equipment of every modern woman. But face masks are not an invention. It can be said that he has accompanied women since time immemorial. But the composition has changed a bit over the centuries.

  • At first, women mainly used the gifts of nature.
  • Face masks were made mainly from herbs, crops, and kitchen ingredients.

            - For example, honey or eggs have proven to be very effective.

Nowadays, you can buy face masks literally tailored to each face at any age. Other face masks will be suitable for mature skin and others for the face of a young girl.

  • But one principle should always apply.
  • The exposure time recommended by the manufacturer must be observed.

According to cosmetics experts, they are the highest quality, and therefore the most effective, masks, for which the recommended duration of action is from ten to twenty minutes. Another tip for a good result is to apply face masks after showering or bathing. Warm water will help open the pores.

  • Applying face masks should also prevent good skin cleansing.
LABOU DAY A SHENGSIONG SPECIAL 5 DAYS ONLY ..all for you! Limited to 3 per product per customer per transaction, unless otherwise stated! While stocks last! No traders allowed! Promotion Period: 29/04/2021>03/05/2021 PURCHASE PURCHASE [email protected] SHENGSIONG I Every $20 spent will entitle you to buy product below at very special price I Limited to 3 per customer per transaction, uniess otherwise stated SAVE 26% SAVE 7% A1 A1 BEIER While stocks last No traders allowedt IXI 3.95 IXL Jam (Assorted Flavours) 480g UP: $5.35 EXCLUSIVE LOW BLYCEMC MIXED VEGETABLES SUGAR CSR LOW GI Sugar 1kg UP: $2.55 SAVE 17% SAVE 11% SAVE 15% SAVE 8% 235 A1 Soup Spices (Assorted Flavours) 35g UP: 2 For $7.20 595 DEL MONTE Mixed Vegetables 380g UP: $2.20 195 / Box / Jar Pack BASMATI RICE For 2 MAGICLEAN Floor Cleaner (Assorted Variants) 3L UP: $6.95 Magiclean Gi HERITAGE FARM Basmati Rice 5Kg UP: $18.50 %3D Kimchi SAVE 33% %3D SAVE 10% 585 1690 SAVE 15% SAVE 6% SUNSHINE Wholemeal Cream Bun NISSIN Japanese Instant Ramen (Assorted 45 Flavours) 5x 106g UP: $3.85 /Bottle %3D (Assorted Flavours) 65g UP: 3 For $3.00 / Pack NONGSHIM Instant Ramen (Assorted Flavours) 5 x 120g UP: 2 For $8.70 35 LUCKY BEAR Suang La Fen 116g 75 UP: 2 For $4.00 200 For 2 / Pack For 2 SAVE For 3 SAVE 13% RITZ SAVE 25% Lays CHACHA Sunflower Seed (Assorted Flavours) - Halal 98g - 160g UP: 2 For $5.20 (ays RITZ, SAVE 17% SQUARES QUAKER Oatmeal Squares (Assorted Flavours) 411g UP: $6.60 SAVE 45% SAVE 20% SAVE 30% QUAKER QUAKER Oatmeal (Instant / Quick Cook) 800g + 100g UP: $5.10 450 WIN2 Potato Cracker (Assorted Variants) 160g UP: 2 For $4.40 240 LAY'S Polato Chips (Assorted Flavours) 184 2g UP: 2 For $9.50 60 RITZ Sandwich Biscuit (Cheese / Lemon / Chocolate) 9 x 27g UP: 2 For $5.00 For 2 50 For 2 For 2 490 420 For 2 "Avalabie at Selectd Outiets /Pack Pack SAVE 39% FIN S THE NATURAL 3 SAVE 6% FREE SUPER TNCC Flavoured Jellies (Assorted Flavours) 180g - 240g UP: $4.95 SUPER KOMBUCHA Similac SAVE 17% M&MS Chocolate Candies Fun Size (Mik / Peanut) 13 x 13.5g UP: $5.90 SAVE 20% SIMILAC Gain 2-FL Stage 3 Growing-Up Mik 1.8kg UP: $89.60 SAVE 25% Lipton Gain FERRERO Rocher T16 EU YAN SANG Quality Bird's Nest Rock Sugar (Reduced Sugar) 6 x 70g + With Premium UP: $47.90 CLASSIC 475 3.00 SUPER Instant Coffee (Assorted Flavours) LIPTON 3int Instant Milk Tea Mix (Assorted Flavours) 12s x 21g - 22g UP: S10.60 O95 / Box 3790 8400 T/Pack /Pack 30 - 35s x 129- 20g 895 UP: 2 For $10.90 /Set /Tin For 2 UP: 2 For $11.80 885 PALI FACE MASK For 2 SAVE 14% SAVE 22% SAVE 47% FREE SUNQUICK Glass with YELLOW TAIL Red Wine (Cabemet Sauvignon / Merlot/ Shiraz) 750ml UP: 2 For $50.00 SAVE 67% ANCHOR S ENJOY SAVE 22% every purchase of SUNQUICK Cordial 840ml. While Stocks Last, T&Cs Apply. FANT FANTA PREMIER RENDEZ VOUS Gascogne/ Pinot Noir 750ml UP: 2 For $43.80 Carbonated Drink (Assorted Flavours) 1.75L UP: $1.80 SAVE 40% 50рcs SAVE 19% 3ply Disposable Protective Face Mask 50pcs UP: 2 For $13.90 "450 4300 33 90 ANCHOR BEER 6 x 320ml UP: $12.35 YEO'S Drinks (Lemon Barley/ Longan Red Date) 4x 6 x 250ml 100PLUS Isotonic Drink (Assorted Flavours) 500ml UP: 2 For $2.40 SunQuic SUNQUICK Cordial (Assorted Flavours) 840ml 90 95 For 2 595 For 2 For 2 185 730 BUY 1 Bottle UP: $9.95 For 2 FREE 1 / Bottle

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