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Scroll through this Sheng Siong promotion valid from 14.05.2021 to 10.06.2021 to see the latest sales. On 2 pages of the current weekly offer, you will find the best goods from the Hypermarkets and Supermarkets category. If you want to save on your next shopping trip to Sheng Siong, don't forget to look through the entire catalogue from page 1 to page 2. If you want to shop smart and save on your next shopping trip to Sheng Siong, don’t miss the latest weekly offer full of amazing prices and wonderful discounts. Come back to Top Catalogues every day to make sure you don’t miss out on great promotions offered by your favourite retailers.

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Cooking is fun for some, suffering for others. In any case, you should always enjoy it and try new things. You will gain a new taste and experience.

Most people use one, a maximum of two types of oil in the kitchen. However, there are many species, such as sunflower oil, olive oil, rapeseed oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, hemp oil, corn oil, flaxseed oil, soybean oil and many others. You've probably never tried most of them, and some are very hard to come by. But once you try a little different type while cooking and taste the food with them, you will quickly realize that they are much tastier than the classic variants that you commonly use. Experimentation is very important in the kitchen and your family will surely be thrilled that they can try something new that they have never had before and just won't taste it somewhere. Try something new and you will not regret it.

Toilet paper

You may not always think about it, but toilet paper is a very important part of our lives. Most people cannot imagine a day without it. What to choose from?

We don't always think about it, but toilet paper is very important for all of us. There are people who do not use it and live completely ecologically, but most of us do not. Buying is certainly not a problem, but you always must decide which brand and how many layers to buy for your convenience. You can choose between one, two and three layers of product. We can simply say that single-layer toilet paper is a waste of money. You must use a lot of them to create more layers, so you use a lot more than you must. In the final, you pay more for them than you must. It is therefore much better to invest in two or three-layer variants of this product.

Chicken wings

You can enjoy a snack for sports matches or just sitting with a beer in many ways. Some are burning, others are sweet, but all are good.

Chicken is the most popular type of meat in the world. You can eat it in a million ways and enjoy it alone, with family and friends. Chicken wings are a popular delicacy that people enjoy especially during important sports matches. You can prepare them in the oven or in the pan. The wings can be very simple, spicy with blue cheese or other sauce, with tequila and lime or with honey. You can also prepare them in a southern pan or Vietnamese. You really have a lot of options, but the basis is always quality meat, ideally in organic quality.

In celebration of Hari Raya Puasa festival, we are organizing the Hari Raya Grand Lucky Draw for the benefit of our valued customers, as special thanks for your support and patronage. With every $30 purchase (except cigarettes, liquor and pharmaceutical products) in a single receipt at any of our outlets will entitle you to participate in our grand lucky draw. So, hurry! The more you buy, the better your chances of winning. Promotion Period: 14/05/2021 10/06/2021 Corelle Pyrex Carafe & Mug Set (1+4) + 12pc Dinner set. Design: Country Rose. Worth $230.00 Sheng Siong Shopping Voucher Unless Otherwise Stated. While Stocks Last! * Terms and conditions apply see in-store for more details. Grand Lucky Draw 2021 Every $20 spent will entitle you to buy products below at very special prices. Groceries PLANTA Margarine 240g ADABI Fritters Flour (Assorted) 200g PRIMA Plain Flour - Halal 1Kg JIN HUANG Thai Fragrant White Rice 10Kg 220 265 220 2250 For 2 / Tub LEILA Pure Ghee 400g 6 1 20 / Pack 1 / Bottle 3 / Bottle 14/05/2021 - 10/06/2021 EXCLUSIVE EXCLUSIVE SAVE 41% 50 / Pack MAHSURI Sweet Soy Sauce 410ml Twin Pack with Oyster Sauce 255ml (Assorted Flavors) 60 1 / Bottle 16 21 KWONG CHEONG THYE Standard Soya Sauce (Dark / Light) 450ml HEINZ Tomato Ketchup 300g 14/05/2021 - 10/06/2021 SAVE 16% HAPPY FAMILY Chicken Nuggets (Original) - Halal 800g SOFTESS 100% Pure Virgin Pulp Softpack Tissue 2 Ply x 10 Packs x 200 Sheets UP: $8.50 UP: $9.50 SONGHE Noble Brown Rice 5kg 80 / Pack Limited to 3 per customer per transaction, unless otherwise stated! While stocks last! No traders allowed! / Bag DAAWAT Basmati Rice 5Kg 25 / Can 90 / Pack LIN Refined Sugar 1kg 95 HARMUNI Vegetable Oil 5L 10 The special TV programme for Hari Raya Grand Lucky Draw 2021, which is solely sponsored by Sheng Siong will be telecast live on Suria (Malay TV Channel) from 8.30pm to 9.30pm on Friday, 25/06/2021. The draw will be conducted live with the audience as witnesses. Don't miss it! 95 7 95 4 90 / Set / Pack / Bundle Snacks & Confectioneries HABHAL'S Kaya 420g FREZFRUTA Jam (Strawberry / Blackcurrant / Rasberry / Apple Blueberry) 450g 290 255 / Jar 2 335 180 For 2 / Jar HOSEN Lychee 565g AYAM BRAND Mackerel Jitney 155g MAK NYONYA Sauces (Assorted Flavours) 200g / Pack 2 / Can SAN REMO Pasta (Assorted Variants) 500g 50 / Can 11 95 95 1 / Set / Pack KELLOGG'S Fruit Corn Flakes (Assorted Flavors) 300 - 360g NESTLE Corn Flakes 500 + 25g MISSION Pita (Plain / Wholemeal) 400g NONA (Ketupat Mini 30 x 20g / Ketupat 780g / Rice Cube Palas 336g / Lemang 5 x 62g ) 395 370 485 495 / Box MUNCHY'S Oat Krunch Breakfast Biscuits (Cranberry / Chia Seeds & Milk) 160g COWHEAD Crispy Crackers (Cheese / Butter) 208g DANISA Traditional Butter Cookies 454g ROYAL DANSK Cookies (Assorted Flavors) 250g 200 550 495 345 720 645 For 2 / Pack MAGGI Chicken Stock 3 x 250g + Free Gift HOSEN Longan 565g 35 KHONG GUAN Sultana Biscuits 200g JACK 'N JILL Dewberry Sandwich Biscuits (Assorted Flavors) 12 x 36g / Box / Pack VAN HOUTEN Chocolate (Assorted Flavours) 180g 395 / Box HERSHEY'S Iconic Kisses Pouch (Assorted Flavors) 146g SNEK KU Shoyuemi Snacks (Chicken / Hot & Spicy) 90g PRINGLES Potato Crisps (Assorted Flavours) 147g TONG GARDEN Sunflower And Pumpkin Seed 10 x 11g ROYAL DANSK Sallted Caramel & Chocolate Mini Cookies 175g 890 525 200 445 290 495 / Pack 7 15 For 2 DUTCH MILL UHT Yoghurt Drink (Assorted Flavors) 4 x 90ml 3 50 For 2 4 For 2 LONG BA Cuttlefish Paste 150g Frozen Hot Pot Grouper Slice 240g THE FISH GOURMET Fish Tofu 220g MAGNOLIA WAFER (Assorted Flavours) 4 x 62ml 690 1390 650 655 For 2 For 2 For 2 75 11 For 2 For 2 HOSEN Honey 1kg 10 15 3 2 For 2 MINUTE MAID Pulpy Juice (Assorted Flavors) 1.5L 95 50 / Pack Air Flown YEO'S Soya Bean Milk / Bandung Rose Milk Drink 4 x 6 x 250ml 7 50 / Carton AIK CHEONG Cafe Art (Matcha / Latte 12s x 25g) / Chocolate 15s x 40g RIBENA Blackcurrant Cordial 2L 12 For 2 90 9 / Bottle 90 For 2 FREE Marigold Dawn 380g (Worth $1.25) with Every Purchase of Nescafe Deluxe 200g. (While Stocks Last) NESTLE MILO Ready To Drink 1L 3 85 For 2 4 00 / Pack NESCAFE DELUXE 200g SUPER Instant Coffee (Assorted) 30 - 35s x 12 - 20g GOLD KILI Instant 3in1 Chocolate Drink 15s x 30g 680 495 515 400 / Pack For 2 / Pack 6 *Available at Selected Outlets For 2 Air Flown USA Strawberry 250g 4 79 85 ¢ / 100g / Box DOLE Dippers (Assorted Flavors) 180 / 264g ARMIYA Spicy Beef Lung 400g 995 415 / Pack For 2 *Available at Selected Outlets LG WHOLEGRAIN (Yellow Noodles / Kway Teow / Mee Tai Mak)420g + Yellow Noodle / Hor Fun 1kg Combo Deal 3 35 For 2 FRUITTREE NSA Juice (Assorted Flavours) 1L CHURROS FACTORY Frozen Churros (Assorted Variants) 650g 60 / Set 900 Offer Period: 14 - 20/05/2021 (7 days only) AUSTRALIA ROMEO Red Globe Grape (JUMBO) / Pack NESTLE Oreo Ice Cream 750ml 1490 For 2 THAILAND Rainbow Mango 88 1 3Pcs SMARTHEART Creamy Treats (Assorted Flavors) 4 x 15g For 3 995 NEW ZEALAND Zespri Green Kiwi 3’s 2 95 / Box For 2 BUY 2 FREE 1 Value Pack THAILAND R2E2 Mango CHINA Wogam Mandarin 1kg 3 99 2Pcs SOUTH AFRICA Red Forelle Pear 800g 2 95 / Pack SOUTH AFRICA Angelino Plum 500g 3 55 / Pack AUSTRALIA Pumpkin 39 ¢ / 100g AUSTRALIA Sweet Potato 41 DARLIE Toothpaste Tea Care 160g ¢ 6 / 100g 90 / Bundle 4 35 / Pack NEW ZEALAND Zespri SunGold Kiwi 6’s 220 / Box SPECIAL DISCOUNT Every Tuesday & Wednesday for Pioneer Generation & Merdeka Generation Only. Valid till 31/12/2021. PASEO Dolphin Bathroom Tissue 4 ply x 10 rolls x 200s 1295 For 2 ENCHANTEUR Perfumed Talc (Assorted Variants) 2 x 125g + 50g 765 / Box MALAYSIA Red Watermelon 6kg 580 / Pc Yellow Lemon 149 3Pcs AUSTRALIA White Onions 2's 238 / Pack CUTIE COMPACT Pure Pulp Toilet Tissue 2 ply x 10 rolls 1275 For 3 555 / Set Appliances Households LACY'S Non-Stick Baking Paper 30cm x 5m 465 Personal Care Free 3D Sticker Pet Food / Pack 11 *Available at Selected Outlets GOLD KILI 3in1 Milk Tea 30s x 18g CHEK HUP Ipoh White Coffee Gao Siew Dai 18s x 15g / Bundle 45 Fruits & Vegetables HOMESOY Soya Milk (Assorted Flavors) 6 x 250ml SEAWAVES Vegetable Cocktail (Spring Roll / Samosa) - Halal 400g SADIA Nasi Lemak Chicken Wing - Halal 400g CP Ballerina Wings 350g 55 Hot & Cold Beverages For 2 / Pack Frozen & Chilled F&N High Calcium Sweetened Creamer 1kg 4 85 For 2 For 2 Dairy Products DUTCH LADY UHT Milk (Assorted Flavors) 6 x 200ml For 2 BERYL'S Milk Chocolate (Assorted) 450g / Jar For 2 AMBPOSIAL Greek Style Yoghurt (Original / Mango & Passion Fruit) 230ml / Box For 2 For 2 ZIPLOC Jumbo 8S 625 / Roll WALCH Oxi Anti-Bacterial Liquid Laundry Detergent (Assorted Variants) 3L UIC Big Value Detergent Powder (Assorted Variants) 5kg 890 795 / Bottle / Pack ENERGIZER Max Alkaline Battery (AA E91BP8 / AAA E92BP8) 8s MORRIES 1.7L Glass Kettle MS-2020GK 1040 / Card 3290 Each

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