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512 GOLDEN PINEAPPLE Pa GOLDEN PEAPPLE JAFONICA RICE Padey King RED CARGO RICE ET AZ GOLDEN PINEAPPLE Japonica Rice (5kg) $10.50 PaddyKing 稻米王 Dad 22 PADDYKING Red Cargo Rice (1kg) $4.00 PRE Komun THAI RICEBERRY King www PADDYKING Thai Riceberry (1kg) $5.00 COLDEN PINEAPPLE Thai 旺梨香米 一定旺你 Fragrant Rice AAA NEW CROP *** 100% WHOLE KERNE 1.3. GOLDEN PINEAPPLE Thai New Crop Rice (5kg) $11.95 Paddy King Jegy TRI-COLOR WHOLEGRAIN RICE PADDYKING Tri-Colour Wholegrain Rice (2.5kg) $9.50 35 BAGAGNET DE 18 GUARANTEED BEST QUALITY GOLDEN G THAT PREMIUM FRAGRANT RICE TONER 100% WHOLE CRAIN PINEAPPLE AAA 旺 sinh Sức PRODUSE OF THAILAND GOLDEN PINEAPPLE Thai Fragrant Rice (5kg) $11.50 **** Date King 46. Free 250ml cooking oil with purchase of 5kg Golden Pineapple Thai Fragrant Rice 稻米王 米中之王 www Paddy King THAI JASMINE RICE GERBER FREE 250ml Cooking Oil 贵族香料 SAB PADDYKING Thai Jasmine Rice (5kg) $13.50 HOLE KEE DOLDEN PA Cambodia Superior Rice AAA palking GOLDEN PINEAPPLE Cambodia Superior Rice (5kg) $9.50 CALROSE RICE BOETES Daddy King pe PADDYKING Calrose Rice (5kg) $12.95 ** SEARRA 13 posk Ma Paddy King BROWN RICE PADDYKING Brown Rice (5kg) $14.95 新 # 賀 $

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