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鸡蛋卷 ALIME $5.95 $6.50 HAPPY FAMILY Love Letter 250g/300g 20 $3.95/$5.95 HAPPY FAMILY Prawn Roll 200g/400g www 424 不共金机 Pre TEE 查/ Amara $1.80 HAPPY FAMILY New Year Cake (PE) 200g $5.25/$5.95 TASTY BITES Love Letter 230g/300g $2.80 HAPPY FAMILY New Year Cake (PE) 400g E $4.80 HAPPY FAMILY New Year Cake (PE) 800g $2.20 GOODS HUAT HEE PE CNY Cake 300g 糕饼贺岁,年年高升 Festive Goodies ALE WA Many Nawillys 5000 $4.95 HAPPY FAMILY Pineapple Roll 250g / Peanut Candy 360g / Kueh Bangkit 160g/ Melting Almond 200g / Almond Cookies 230g / Cashew Nut Cookies 210g / Pineapple Tarts 260g/ Oatmeal Cookies 200g کانادا C HOME STYLE COONES 爱拉芮题导 $6.30 GOODS HUAT HEE Banana Leaf CNY Cake 300g Show 文財年糕 Now Bar Cafe XHA SEDER a $5.95 TASTY BITES Peanut/Oatmeal Cookies 650g $0 $6.95 / $9.95 HAPPY FAMILY Kuih Kapet (Original/ Vegetarian Floss) 320g HOME STYLE 19 -D POND $1.80 GOODS HUAT HEE Dessert Cup CNY Cake 120g 51. $6.20 HAPPY FAMILY Banana Leaf New Year Cake 300g 2 for $9.95 BAKE FOR YOU Traditional Cookies (Assorted Flavours) 240g - 480g $8.80 HAPPY FAMILY Banana Leaf New Year Cake 600g $16.80 HAPPY FAMILY Banana Leaf New Year Cake 1200g $1.95 / $4.95 HAPPY FAMILY Kuih Bahulu 120g/280g $4.50 HAPPY FAMILY Pumpkin Tapioca 150g/Tapioca Chips 200g/ Fish Cracker 150g/Prawn Cracker 120g NEW LOOK GOD THE 路 Fre 关对外框 FLOWE KPLAD RENACEN $6.95 / $7.95 HAPPY FAMILY Pineapple (Ball/Flower) Tart 380g/450g Supra Kied warra $14.50 HAPPY FAMILY Fa Cai Yu Sheng 500g BENCH $1.50 HAPPY FAMILY New Year Cake Gold Cup 130g ISNA ROMAINTING $6.95 $11.95 HAPPY FAMILY Biscoff Almond Crunchy 300g/Chocolate Chip 300g/CornFlake Cookies 250g/Golden Kuih Bangkit 250g/NZ Cheese Cookies 200g/Honey Almond Flake 270g/Honey Hazelnut Seaweed Crunchy 130g/Seaweed Mix Nuts With Cripsy Rice 160g/ Golden Salted Egg CornFlake Cashewnut 250g/Golden Salted Egg CornFlake Anchovies 250g

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