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TWININGS ENGLISH BREAKFAST TEA TRADITIONAL BLEND. RICH & SATISFYING $3.80 TWININGS Tea (Assorted Flavours) 10s x 1.8-2g Dat Oat-k OAT TEA ONCE Plant based $4.55 OAT-K Oat Beverage (Coffee / Chocolate / Tea) 6s x 25-30g SESEHA BONCAFÉ COL MANA BAZ $8.50 BONCAFE Colombiana Instant Coffee 200g Banded with BONCAFE Brazilian Gold Freeze Dried Coffee 50g (worth $4.10) 香气四溢,龙马精神 Beverages KILLINET Ovaltine 3 in 1 POWER 10 $5.90 OVALTINE $8.85 KILLINEY 3in1 Malt Drink Chocolate Flavour 20s x 30g KILLINEY 3 in 1 PREMIUM WHITE COFFEE 100 SHUPATED CAS HEADE 20 fonte bain gold Kolo Instant GINGER DRINK No Alded Cand Sepert o COE T $4.50 GOLD KILI Instant Ginger Drink (No Added Cane Sugar) 10s x 5g SIN 3in1 Premium White Coffee 15s x 40g 3in1 HERITAGE Dats Cereal Drink 18 Vie Ovaltine 3 in 1 63, $5.90 OVALTINE 3in1 Less Sugar Chocolate Drink 15s x 30g 2-in-1 MILK TEA 二合一即溶液奶味奶茶 L gold kili S NET WERDS NET RESEA SEW 300 H 30%LESS SUGAR GREAT CHOCOLATE FAR $5.95 HERITAGE FARM 3in1 Cereal & Oat Drink 18 x 30g Teh-Cong $4.90 GOLD KILI 2in1 Milk Tea (Teh-C Kosong) 20s x 15g HERITAGE Original Cereal Drink Sin 18 CO E $4.95 HERITAGE FARM 3in1 Cereal Drink 18 x 30g oatbedient SARS. CHOCOLATE OAT MILK ROVED! SWEET Lipton BAILE 12 $8.95 OATBEDIENT Oat Milk (Original / Chocolate/ Chia seeds) 12s x 28-35g CLASSIC 3-IN-1 PICK TEA LATTE 12 Sackets/ 0 www. be SIS ZERO CALORIE SWEETENER HEL forag 2 for $11.55 LIPTON 3in1 Milk Tea (Assorted Flavours) 12s x 20g 00 $5.45 SIS Zero Calories Sweetener (Sticks) 100g O

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