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Scroll through this Sheng Siong promotion valid from 15.01.2021 to 11.02.2021 to see the latest sales. On 2 pages of the current weekly offer, you will find the best goods from the Hypermarkets and Supermarkets category. If you want to save on your next shopping trip to Sheng Siong, don't forget to look through the entire catalogue from page 1 to page 2. If you want to shop smart and save on your next shopping trip to Sheng Siong, don’t miss the latest weekly offer full of amazing prices and wonderful discounts. Come back to Top Catalogues every day to make sure you don’t miss out on great promotions offered by your favourite retailers.

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Coffee is an integral part of the life of almost every one of us. But do you know how to choose the best species just for you and what affects its taste?

Morning coffee is for many of us the only way to get on our feet and go to work. But how to choose the best one that you will enjoy every day? The most popular are Arabica and Robusta, but you have other options. Quality and excellent is also civet, green or decaffeinated coffee for the brave. You can also choose from capsules for the coffee machine, or instant variants (classic, 2in1 or 3in1). You can try yourself to find out if you prefer black coffee, cappuccino, americano, latte, espresso, or another form of this amazing, hot drink. Try, experiment and you are guaranteed to quickly find out what you like best.


Apple has been in the limelight for a very long time. It was founded in 1976 and its specializations include mainly hardware and software.

At present, Apple products belong to the absolute top in their field. Among the most popular products are the Mac series, handheld sets, and iPod MP3 players.

  • Constantly new innovations also apply to other well-known products.
  • These include in particular

            - iPhone smartphone

            - iPad tablet

            - Apple Watch

Apple products have high-quality operating systems that work reliably and at a high level.

  • Computers are equipped with the macOS operating system.
  • iPhones have an integrated iOS operating system.
  • You will find the iPad OS on the iPad.
Toilet paper

You may not always think about it, but toilet paper is a very important part of our lives. Most people cannot imagine a day without it. What to choose from?

We don't always think about it, but toilet paper is very important for all of us. There are people who do not use it and live completely ecologically, but most of us do not. Buying is certainly not a problem, but you always must decide which brand and how many layers to buy for your convenience. You can choose between one, two and three layers of product. We can simply say that single-layer toilet paper is a waste of money. You must use a lot of them to create more layers, so you use a lot more than you must. In the final, you pay more for them than you must. It is therefore much better to invest in two or three-layer variants of this product.

THE SHENG SIONG SHOW: • From 14/11/2020 till 27/02/2021 (Except 13 & 20/02/2021) • 14 Episodes, Every Saturday Live on Channel 8, From 9.00pm to 10.00pm. PROGRAMME HIGHLIGHTS: "周周送千倍人人有机会,名厨烹饪贺佳节。粒粒汤圆粒粒奖。灯笼高挂恭喜发财。一拨即中百倍奉还。金不偶像歌唱比赛。每周抽奖。明星嘉宾表演 THE SHENG SIONG SHOW THE SHENG SIONG YEAR-END MEGA PROMOTION 2020-2021 SHENGSIONG $2,000,000.00 型 Promotion Period: 15/01/2021911/02/2021 Cash Prizes Must Be Won! Hurry! Come & shop at Sheng Siong NOW! Every receipt" will entitle you a chance to participate in the Games and Contests at "The Sheng Siong Show", a live TV variety programme. *No minimum amount spent required, but cigarettes, liquors and pharmaceutical products excluded. Unless Otherwise Stated. While Stocks Last! * Terms and condiions apply see in-store for more detais. PURCHASE PURCHASE Every $20 spent will entitle you to buy products below at very special prices. Celebrate Abundance of Good Health POSB h Shop & Get a FREE Sheng Siong Hongbao WITH *. & Happiness with LION O CONGRATULATIONS! Limited to 3 per customer per transacton, unless otherwise citi statedt While stocks last No traders alowed POSB Everyday Card Exclusive FREE GIFT with Purchase 15/01/2021 - 11/02/2021 15/01/2021 - 11/02/2021 811 Save up to 50% With purchase of $30 and above in a single receipt. Limited to a pack of 6s Sheng Siong Hongbao per customer per transaction. First come first served, while stocks last! CCLUSIVELY FOR CTI CREDIT CARDMEMBERS EXCLUSIVE EXCLUSIVE S$8 sheng Slong Voucher Shop at Sheng Siong with your POSB Everyday Card this Chinese New Year to redeem these FREE GIFTS! with a minimum spend of S$80 Buy 1 Get 1 Free 8533 Spend min. S$168 e Molario Herg Shuninrrg M Heng Sow Ngor necving he coh chegue from M. Un Hak Che-CeD of Shang Song Grup in the Shang Sang Show, e021 Ms Heng Siew Ngor IC No: SXXXX368C SIC S The Bth lucky winner of THOUSANDFOLD CASH REWARD Lucky customer live call out game segment in "The Sheng Siong Show A live TV variety programme of The Sheng Siong Year-End Mega Promotion 2020 - 2021 rHappyP th S20 SAVE 42% Lted bu fs 4000 tions hess 8580 HERITAGE FARM 1.8 ma a man ma Spend min. S388 in a single receigt to receive Classic Olive Oil 4Ply CLASSIC ÖLIVE OIL SAVE 21% Gt Set warth sso Lmed tait o0dempios 750ml SOFTESS 100% Pure UP: $11.90 Win $5.000 warth of attractive prizesl 318 purchase of products from participating LION brands Virgin Pulp Bathroom Tissues 4Ply 3Bundles x 1.8Kg (Pink) UP: $22.80 PMery Day O SHENGBIONG 690 1795 Contest per De 2-Feb SHENGSIONG all for you! omaton norury t o ut pobooni nda bte Roasted Delights for the Festivities Groceries Dairy Products Tema and condition: Tiring and gamistes are nd indudad for all tems. Aweights shewn aremssared before cook ing. ANI macookedard cedoaan te, peheatng is necessary before serving. Prces in this promoton are oorect athetmeof prit and may sabjectla changs. Peane place your ordes 3 days inatvance at any Sheng Siong utts Them wil te re coledanan he letand 2nd day otCNY Whie socks let ROYAL UMBRELLA Thai Fragrant Rice (Brown Rice/ Mixed Rice) 2000g 15/01/2021 - 11/02/2021 15/01/2021 - 21/01/2021 SUPREME GOLDI121 Extra COWHEAD UHT B Mik (Pure Mik Low Fat) 10 KWONG CHEONG THYE Fa Ca Yu Sheng 730g • G G FARMHOUSE UHT Fesh Mik MAN TANG EXCLUSIVE HONG Yu Sheng (Box) 550g Long Basmati Rice Skg 1480 1490 50 325 2. 395 / Box /Tub /Pack For 2 For 2 鲍 mily Australia Babu Abalon 49 90 10800 KELLOGG'S Special K Cereal (Assorted Flavors) 300 - 385g DUMEX Mamil Gold Slep 3 Growing Up Fomula 1.6Kg LACTOGEN Wu Fu Da Ji Li BARILLA MAMIL nutellal NESTLE Lacogrow 3 1.8KG Fu Gui Da San Yuan Set Set • Roasted Duck 22-2.4KG (bebre cooking) • Roasted Chicken 1.7-2.0KG (beore cooking) Golden Piglet (smal) 4- Skg each (Before Roasting) Traditional Golden Pig 10 - 15kg (Aler Roasting) Pasta Sauce (Assorted) A1 Spicy Dried Noodles 4 x 130g Paddyking Brown Rice ARRABBIATA Roasted Duck 2224KG (belore cocking) • Roasted Chicken 1.7-2.0KG (belore cooking) • Roasted Meat 500g Net • Rpastod Meat 500g Net Weight • Red Plate 1 piece 400g 5Kg SAVE 32% 14800 745 1825 68 80 Weight 2980 590 325 3260 • Fish 1 Pieon / Crab 3 Pieces • Red Plate 1 piece SAVE 23% / Box /Pack /Tn Tn FREE 1 GARDENIA Sandwich Box with any purchase of 3 packets of GARDENIA LEtle Bites Soft Bun 30g. While stocks last GARDENIA Ltle Bites Soft Bun AZELNUT SPREAD WITH COCOA DAWI DAWN AWN EU YAN SANG Em Essence Or Chicken Traditonal 2x6x 70g with FREE Thermal Flask WАHАНА Нарру Family Australia Baby Abalone 425g UP: $42.80 Nutri-Express UP: 542.30 2880 Fruits &Vegetables Lietle Bites HUJI Waist Tonic 700mi With Free 915 Juice Mik (Creamy Hokkaido Cream/ Rich Chocolatey Cream) 30g Dink (Assorted Flavors) 480mi HUIJI Honey 200g et NUTELLA 900g UP: $11.95 1580 70% 2695 4970 MARIGOLD Duan 265 Swootened Beverage Creamer 380g Bnised Duck Roasted Chicken 1.72OKG each before cooking) 222 4NG each 2180 Each Roasted Roasted Duck 2180 / Can | Jar MET MEGHT2180 Roasted Meat NET ME OH)2180 Char Siew 2224KG each (bebre cooking) Each (before cookingk /Pack For 3 Assembling Your CNY Feast CNY Goodies Galore Overflowing with Blessings CHEWLY Cookies/ B Egg CP Crispy Chicken F Karean Hat a Saicy Honey Lemon) Halal 380g Cheese Cake GOOD'S EB Tiger Prawn Rol/ Squid Prawn Cake / Shrimp Worton -Halal 154 - 250g Offer Period: 15/01 - 21/01/2021 (7 days only) JEAN FRESH Frozen Chinese THE FISH KANGAROO Cashew SUPER MIK Tea /Golden Durian Cake Happy Banana Cake) 360 - 450g AH HUAT White Coffee Gold Medal 2x 570g + Free Git TAI SUN (Kuih Bahulu Handmade Love Milk Tea (Assorted) 18 - 25s x 20 - 25g A Flo GOURMET Fish Tofu 220g Nuts (Assorted Flavors) 300g (Castew Nuts/ Pistachios) 350g Pomfret (M) Letter) 250g AUSTRALIA AUSTRALIA White Nectarine 500g 650 LI CHUAN (FishRol 180g / Fish Dumping 150g / Vepetable Rol 180g / Fish Sioe 180g) - Halal 580 88 995 1175 '95 12 85 395 / Pack White Peach 795 For 2 For 2 For 2 / Tub For 2 IPack 299 I Pack /Pack 1/Pack 455 Box CALIFORNIA CREAMERY On The Go Tortila SEAWAVES Vegetatle Cocktail4 (Spring Rol Samesa) Halal 400g CRUSTYS Salted Egg Fish Skin / Soy Skin (Assoried Flavors) 100g CALBEE JagaRico Poato Sticks (Assorted Flavors) CHEK HUP While Coffee 4h Asarted Flavors) OLD TOWN Chips (Assorted Flavors) 273 - 291g LOTTE Com Da Snack (Assorted White Colfee (Assorted Flavors) 13-15s x 25- 38g BUY 2 FREE 38g Flavors) 72g 12s x 30 - 40g SOUTH AFRICA 99 Mdnight Beauty Seedess Grape(Black) 500g ALL BIG (Tolu Sandwich/ Seafood Tofu/ Seafood Beanskin / Golden 625 122 269 90 380 1135 SOUTH AFRICA 95 95 290 40 95 90 50 CHINATOWN Dim TIAN TIAN MIAN DIAN YANG YANG Pork NEWMOON Muar Otah Pime / Thomson Sum Snacks (Assorited Flavors) 163g Pork Dumpling (Assorted Variants) 500g Dumping (Cabbage/ Chive) 500g (Mackerel Filet /Mackerel Filet & Prawn) - Halal 180g Box Seedless Grape 500g Box Pack For 2 / Pack Fish Solo) - Halal 200g For 2 For 2 For 2 For 2 For 2 For 2 CHINA Emperor Tangerine B00g LYNFERRO FRUITTREE Fresh Juice Drink AIK CHEONG Cafe Art (Matcha / Latte 12s x 25g)/ Chocolate Newpoltans Tao Kae Noi Seaweed Chocolates Ln (Assorted / Pistachio) 120g SNEK KU Bean Bean Muruku Snack (Assorted Flavors) 12g meiji 355 10 Pes 299 LI Pack MEJI Yoghut (Assorted) 135g SCS Buter (Sated/Unsalted) 3x 250g/3 x 227g VITAMILK Soy Mik (Assorted Flavons) FRANCE (Assorted Flavours) 1L (Assorted Flavours) 59g Royal Gala Apple 15s x 40g MARIGOLD Low Fat 95 Yoghut (Assorted) 130g 70% O 50 VAN HOUTEN Chocolate 95 (Assorted Flavours) 655 1090 140 LG Fresh Japanese Udon 200g 60 455 KING'S loe Cream Tub (Assorted Flavors) - Halal 500m 90 1395 10 For 3 For 2 For 4 For 2 180g / Box /Pack For 2 FRANCE Organic Aliet Apple 4's Personal Care Households GLAD Pet Food 155 699 Toast to A Fruitful Year USA SENSODYNE Sensitivity & Gum Toothbrush WALCH 5-HOUR ENERGY Shots (Orange/ Peach Tea) 6x 57ml JELLY JOY Sunkist Navel Oranges T 3 Pcs PEDIGREE Tasty Bites Pocket Dog Treat (MIN Chicken Favour) 60g Wal- CARLSBERG risbelsser Green Label PASEO Dolphin BABY CARRIE SCOTT Kilchen Towel Disinfecting Wpes (Assorted Variants) 42s Jelly Drink (Assorted Flavorn) 150g PASEO Baby Bath 750g Bathroom Tissue HEINEKEN Beer 50 4 ply x 10 rolls x 200s - Soft 3s 8x 55s 6 x 320ml 9 90 13 90 550 PASED 12 95 90 Hein ne 90 175 For 2 90 1050 85 GLAD Sandwich Scolt 795 2370 For 2 Zipper Bags 50s (16.8cm x 14.9cm) Box Round Candy Case HSM-854C /Pack / Bottle For 2 For 3 For 2 For 2 / Pack THAILAND Longan 49 Appliances DOWNY Premium Parlum Sotener Refl Pack (Assorted Variants) 13-14L SCOTCH-BRITE 30 x 32om Hgh Performance Dusting Cloth T330 MAMYPOKO Extra Dry THREE STAR Tape (M54S/ L46S/ XL40S / XXL325)/ Pants (M48S /L38s/ XL32S/ XXL26S) GLACE Automatic Spray Refil (Assorted Variants) 1759 BRAND Mozzie РОККА Free Repelent (Assorted Variants) S0m CoCON COCON YEOS 100% Coconut Water Chrysanthemum Tea Less Sugar 1.50 MARTELL CHINA Whole Garlic Akalne Batery Energizei VS.OP Cognac CHINA Navel Oranges 1.5kg Douny 700ml 1L E928P) 495 30 045 DEPEND Protect Absorbent Tape 3190 1550 910 :1040 13 EVERSOFT Facial Cleanser (Assorted) 2x100g 50g 90 695 8580 90 615 150 Taiwan Sweet Touch 10x CHINA Old GingerV 100g 1285 For 2 Fruit Beer (Assorted Flavors) 6x 330m /Pack Tube (Mx 12 /Lx 10s) /Pack ICan For 2 / Pack /Bottle .all for you! SPECIAL DISCOUNT Every Tuesday & Wednesday for Pioneer Generation To 12% 5% Rebate 2% Rebate every:pay 5% Rebate 5% Rebate VISA YCLA 勤勝鄩丰收年 ill ............... ww

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